Drunk Driving  – Why Is It So Dangerous?

Drunk driving is the crime of driving, operating, or even being at the wheel while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, to such a degree that the driver is unable to operate a motor vehicle on the roads safely. If convicted of DUI, the offender can face jail time, hefty fines, loss of license privileges and even losing his or her job.

There is no denying that driving under the influence (DUI) can cause many problems for the victim and his or her family. The problem is that drunk drivers are not only dangerous, but they are also careless when it comes to their own welfare. This means that a drunk driver may not be familiar with all of the road signs and may even turn around at the slightest car coming up from behind, just to mention a single possibly dangerous scenario.

Why Is Drinking And Driving Dangerous?

When alcohol is present in your bloodstream, it will impact the driving ability you have. And it is your responsibility to make sure that this does not happen. While victims think about things like medical treatment and injury claims, the best thing you can do is to prevent the accident from happening, especially from you being the drunk driver. You can do this by being aware of why drinking and driving is dangerous in the first place. The very common reasons why are highlighted below by Richard Harris, one of the experienced truck accident lawyers in Las Vegas.

Slow Reaction Times

If alcohol is present inside your system, it will affect how fast you respond as you drive. Your response times will be slowed down. This drastically increases the possibility of being involved in an accident. As a result, when the car driving in front suddenly brakes, you will no longer be able to avoid it.

Lower Coordination

Your motor skills will be heavily affected by drinking. This includes food, hand, and eye coordination. When you do not have your crucial coordination skills, it becomes very difficult to avoid impending harmful situations. The clearest signs that you have reduced coordination are swaying, not being able to stand straight, and having trouble walking.

Reduced Concentration

Your concentration will be influenced by alcohol even if you only consume small quantities. When you drive your car, there are several things that need undivided concentration. This includes controlling speed, lane driving, avoiding cars, and much more. Attention span is always dramatically reduced as you drink. This will instantly increase the possibility of ending up involved in an accident.

Decreased Vision

Your vision can easily be negatively impacted by excessive alcohol consumption. The first thing you will notice is blurred vision. Then, you cannot control eye movements properly. When you drive, this is incredibly dangerous since impaired vision stops you from being able to properly judge distance. Also, your peripheral vision will not be that effective as seeing objects.

Final Thoughts


Drunk driving is dangerous because it stops you from being able to properly operate a vehicle. It is vital that you never drive while intoxicated or you will surely end up causing an accident. You have to be prepared for anything and you should always practice safe driving since you might not drink and drive, but others might. 

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