Malta Residence Program – Make Your Second Home in the Heart of Europe

Everyone wants to secure their future and enjoy a luxurious and peaceful life in a safe and clean environment. Many European countries offer temporary and permanent residency to individuals from all across the world.

Earlier, the Malta Residence Programme was attracting those who wanted to reside in the country and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer to its residents. Today, this residency program has introduced many variations, such as Malta Global Residence Program. It attracts expats to a Mediterranean country together with their families. Becoming a Maltese resident has become a more attractive option for those who seek quality education, attractive tax regimen, business opportunities, and traveling freedom in the heart of Europe.

The Global Residency Program rules attract third-country nationals to purchase a property in Malta and benefit from its residence permit and unique tax status. While some individuals do not consider Malta as their second home, they love to enjoy the unique tax status for their income.

The Malta Global Residence Program is the central idea for applicants to optimize their tax opportunities. It means you can take advantage of a flat rate of 15 percent on your income tax after meeting minimal requirements.

Under the Malta Residency Program, you will have to either buy or rent a property in Malta and pay and an administrative fee of Euro 6000. The best part of the Malta Residency Program, you do not need to live in the country and still enjoy many of its benefits, including:

  • Paying 15% flat rate of taxation on remittance
  • Getting Work permit
  • Including family members in your application
  • Enjoying a faster process than other residency programs

Taxation of Maltese Global Residency Program

Malta residency program allows you to get a unique tax status under the jurisdiction of the country. If you are not an EU or EEA national, this program will let you take up residency in Malta to enhance your lifestyle and boost your tax profile further.


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