Why is cancer screening important ?

Cancer screening is an important exercise you can undertake for your overall healthcare. The earlier the disease can discover if you have it, the treatment process can begin to eliminate it and increase your chances of surviving it.

There are ways in which the disease can be identified in your body before it starts manifesting itself by showing symptoms. Here are different types of tests you can get at the cancer center Newport Beach to help find specific types of cancer types before their signs or systems start to show.


This is an x-ray done to take pictures of the breast art. The photos are taken using low energy x-ray and are used to check for any sign of cancer in women who have not shown any early symptoms and signs. The images that the x-ray will produce are known as mammograms. They will be used to diagnose tumors, irregularities, and lumps in the breast.

Clinical breast examination

This is a physical exam done to you when you visit a family doctor when you go for your regular medical checkup. During the test, the medical practitioner will look for any changes in the breast shape and size. The examiner will also find out if there are other changes in the nipples or color.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Generally, this procedure is not used regularly for physical breast cancer examination. However, it can be helpful to those people who have been found to have a lump during a breast examination or those with a high likelihood of contracting breast cancer, or those with dense breasts.

Spiral Computed Tomography (CAT) Scan

This is a procedure recommended screening lung cancer for those people who are active smokers or used to have a history of smoking. The procedure is done using a CT scan to find any chances of abnormalities or tumors developing in a person.

Finally, for the above test mention above and many others, it is essential that you go for an early test to discover if you have any cancer for the good of your health.


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