Why Cavity Wall Claims Are Suddenly A Nationwide Issue

Many people in the british public (homeowners for the most part) have had some form of Cavity wall insulation installed on their homes.

Cavity wall insulation was sold to the British public throughout the last 20 years and as a result many people who didn’t actually need cavity wall insulation have been stuck with bad quality building work as a result of a mis sold product described as an energy saving solution.

Designed to save on heating bills and other household utilities, cavity wall insulation is a measure for homeowners who wish to economise, but now we have the issue of cavity wall insulation claims due to the unethical practices of many building companies.

Why were Cavity Wall Installations targeted as an opportunity by different companies?

Many different firms saw cavity wall insulation as a way to make some fast money whilst providing a substandard service offering a building service that was easy to reproduce for a mass of different clients.

It was seen as a fast way to make money whilst providing something simple.

This product due to its simplicity would have been carried out with significant levels of neglect and therefore there are moral grounds for litigation.

There is also a significant cost associated with fixing the issue of installation and al of the mistakes associated with the cavity wall sealing.

It is thought that up to 70% of the installations of cavity walls are either miss sold or badly build, leading to a large amount of cases.

How Is It Possible To Claim Compensation For Mis Sold Cavity Wall Insulation?

It has been found recently that it is possible to bring a legal case against the providers of these services, with cavity installation being one of the most miss sold products in the UK since payment protection insurance.

How Much Compensation Can People Win As A Result Of Cavity Wall Insulation Compensation Claims?

Cavity wall insulation claims can win compensation for people in the typical range of between £10,000-£23,000 in compensation awards.

What Should I Do If I Been Miss Sold A CWI? Or Received Bad Quality CWI Work?

You may wish to look for a no win no fee claims management company to handle the cavity wall claim, this is because you will need to arrange various things, one of which is a survey of your property to find out if you are owed compensation.

National property claims have a lot of experience in dealing with cavity wall compensation claims, they are one company with a good reputation in this market who deal with cavity wall compensation and have payouts for mis selling victims in excess of £50,000, but there are other companies’ other there who handle these claims.

To make a claim for faulty or mis sold cavity wall insulation free to visit any company and initiate a claim today, there are many companies out there to tkat a call from you.

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