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What To Know About Securing a Bail Bond 

No one wants to be arrested, but the process doesn’t have to be dire. Instead of remaining in jail until your court date, most criminal cases allow the person to post bail. The bail bond requires a sum of money to obtain but acts as a form of guarantee to the court that you will show. Appear in court as ordered and you receive your money back. There is more than one way to secure a bail bond.

Bond Basics

If you have the money to post your own bail, you can do so. However, many people use a third-party bail bondsman to post the bail for them. The bondsman loans money similar to a bank loan in that they charge a percentage of the full amount. Bail bonds Beaver County PA offers two types of bonds to secure your release from jail.

Secured Bonds

The most common type of bail bonds is secured bonds. These bonds require the full amount of collateral or money posted before the person is released from jail. While most defendants do not have the funds themselves, they can rely on family and friends. Barring that, a bail bondsman can be enlisted to help cover the upfront money.

Unsecured Bonds

Defendants who do not pose a flight risk and are without a violent past history may be able to do an unsecured bond. These bonds do not require money upfront. The defendant signs a piece of paper with an amount owed if they do not make their court appearance. Failure to appear could result in additional charges.

A criminal charge doesn’t have to leave you rotting in jail. Bail bonds are an opportunity to continue your life while dealing with criminal charges. The most important thing the defendant can do is appear in court at the allotted time. Failure to hold up your end can result in additional charges and problems for you.

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