Wednesday, February 28

Various Insured Risks in Property Damage Litigation Practices

Residential or commercial property damage takes a massive toll on the property owner, given the damage extent and the amount of money required to do the repairs. Insurance companies have come up to help building owners protect their property against possible risks that the property gets exposed to depending on the nature of activities conducted there and the location, among others. Once the damages occur, the claims process commences in determining the cause of the damage and the amount of money required to correct the defects. At this time, the services of a legal insurance expert come in handy to enable the insured to get the required maximum compensation to resume normalcy.

The Law Office of David Gongora is a commercial litigation attorney that provides their clients with adequate legal representation in their claims process. The legal firm has the skills and expertise to handle property damage disputes throughout the litigation process till the final judgment. Regardless of the nature of the property damages case, the professionals work diligently to get a quick resolution for the various disputes that their clients might have. The various damages that clients get face might include:

Roof damage

Roof damage interferes significantly with the safety of the building itself and its dwellers hence the need to repair it quickly. Multiple issues lead to roof damages, including harsh weather conditions, significantly impacting commercial businesses’ processes. The commercial litigation attorney assists businesses in getting the required compensation per their policy coverage with the insurance company. Professional litigators work closely with their clients to get the maximum compensation and ensure that the insurance company makes the necessary payment to the insured. The reluctance of the insurance company to pay for the damages causes a massive problem for the client to make the necessary repairs and replacements, which would enable them to resume normal processes and functions.

Plumbing failure

A plumbing failure is a huge problem with devastating effects on the building and can potentially bring the building down if not well handled. The commercial litigation attorney assists their clients in understanding the extent of the toilet overflows, pipe leakages, dishwashers, and faulty underground pipes and estimates the loss. The litigation firm attorneys have the right skill and expertise to make a reliable estimate which covers all the repair processes and costs necessary to correct the insured plumbing failure. The assistance by the property damage attorneys works to protect the insured’s interests so as not to get short-changed by the insurance company adjusters.


Fire damage is a massive issue as it threatens the lives of the building dwellers and the property within the building. All the processes and evidence necessary to compensate the insured well are handled with utmost care. The commercial litigation attorney hand holds their clients throughout the process, ensuring they get what they are legally entitled to under their policy. All the fire problem issues get well addressed throughout the claims process, enabling the insurance company to make payments without further delays.