Three Types of Divorce

Divorce is never an easy thing to go through. Ending a marriage is difficult on a practical, financial, and emotional level, especially if children are involved. Depending on your personal situation, there are several types of divorce that you and your spouse may choose to pursue.

Mutual Consent Divorce

Mutual consent divorce Maryland is the most quick, easy, and painless type of divorce. In a mutual consent divorce, the soon to be ex-spouses have already agreed on how everything should be handled, including any shared assets, property, and custody of minor children. The parties involved in the divorce sign a document indicating that they both want the divorce and there are no outstanding issues, and this document is then notarized and filed within the court system.


For couples who are unable to come to a complete agreement as to how everything should be divided, but prefer to avoid the hassle and distress of going to court, arbitration can be a good option. Both parties and their attorneys choose a private judge, or arbitrator, and present all of the facts of their case, including the specific issues standing in the way of resolution, to him or her. The arbitration hearing is private and may be scheduled at a time that is convenient for all parties, unlike a public court hearing, which takes place at a time set by the court.

Contested Divorce

When a couple is unable to agree on many key issues required to end the marriage, even with the help of legal counsel, they must take their case to court. Contested divorce is more expensive and time consuming than either mutual consent divorce or arbitration. This type of divorce, while never ideal, may be necessary when the spouses are unable to effectively communicate with each other or when they both have high value assets at stake.

Although the divorce process can be difficult, by understanding your options, you and your partner can choose the type of proceedings most appropriate for your situation.

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