Strange laws around the world

Laws created are to maintain decorum and order in society. If there weren’t any then, there wouldn’t be any harmony in the community. However, a few laws are written as crazy as they might sound for the welfare of the people.

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Canadians must play songs of Canadian artists.

Let’s start with something simple. This law is to encourage national talent over international ones.

Since they’re the neighbors of the USA, they can be easily influenced by their neighbors’ pop culture.

By law, the Canadian radio stations must play their artists songs at least 35% of the time, anywhere between 6 AM to 6 PM.

No swearing to anyone

As per article 373 of the UAE penal code, “swearing disgraces the honor or modesty of a person”.

Swearing includes verbal swears, gestures, text messages and also indecent emojis!

People breaking the law are not only fined but might also have to face a jail term.

You aren’t allowed to die in Sarpourenx!

Yes, you’ve read that right! You can’t die in that part of France without having purchased a plot in a local cemetery.

It comes after the fact that the Mayor had to issue this decree in 2008 because the cemetery was full.

And the offenders will be sentenced with “severe punishment”!

You can’t book a hotel room in North Carolina’s as a fake couple.

The marriage law in the state mentions that if a man and woman present themselves as a married couple while booking hotel accommodation, they are deemed to be legally married to each other.

So, if you have to book a room there, you have no other option but to book two separate rooms!

Not more than 2 kids in Kerala.

If you’re planning to have more than 2 children for your family, then prepare yourself for a hefty fine in a state in India.

This law comes after an attempt to curb overpopulation in the state.

So, plan for a family wisely if you plan to live there!

No selfies in Sri Lanka

You cannot take any selfies in front of Buddha. It is considered an act of disrespect and is punishable by imprisonment.

Sri Lanka is intolerant towards incivility for their prophet!

Be modest and don’t point fingers at the statues. Cover your tattoos while you’re around.

You can’t be overweight in Japan

To prevent obesity in their country, Japan has passed a law called Metabo law.

As per this law, the citizens aged between 40 to 74 should annually measure their waist by a doctor.

Your waist shouldn’t cross over 33.5 inches.

Final thoughts

Hope you enjoyed reading these quirky laws from around the globe! Comment below if you know of any other laws that need to join this list.