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How to Find a Reputable Property Lawyer

Buying or selling property requires you to have a certain level of expertise in order to avoid being ripped off. If you want to acquire or sell property, it’s important to find a knowledgeable, skilled and resourceful property lawyer who can help to protect you from possible loss. There are so many legalities involved in transferring a property which is why you need someone who will have your best interests at heart. You can’t handle the procedure without a lawyer, but how do you find the best property lawyers in Melbourne to help you? Here are some tips for finding a reputable property lawyer.

Consider Their Experience

Experience is the best teacher. The more years of experience a lawyer has, the more likely you are to be in the right hands. Ask where the lawyer attended school and do your research on the cases they have handled in the past. Find how many successful property matters they’ve handled and choose the most experienced lawyer.

Never Go with an Agent’s Recommendation

Most real estate agents have agreements with lawyers to bring them clients and get paid in return. A real estate agent will often recommend a property lawyer to you not because they’re the best choice, but because it’s a source of fast income for the agent. You could end up getting poor services while still paying a lot.

Get Recommendations from People You Know

Property sale and purchase is a common activity. If you ask family or friends who have been involved in real estate, they may suggest a lawyer who has served them well. Having a friend suggest someone who has helped them gives you peace of mind, as you’ll know they’re a trusted choice. Make a list of all trusted property lawyers in Melbourne as a starting point.

Check for Accountability and Transparency

If you’re looking for a reputable lawyer, keep in mind that the best lawyers are transparent. A lawyer who provides you with a clearly outlined quote for their services is a reliable choice. You should also make sure you choose a lawyer who discusses payment terms for the entire process. If you get a property lawyer who refuses to provide you with an upfront quote, they shouldn’t be trusted with your property.

Consult with Other Lawyers

Lawyers can recommend other lawyers in the legal community who can help you with your case. There’s no better person to ask for the best property lawyer if not another lawyer, as they will have knowledge of each other’s reputations in their various fields of practice.

Read Online Reviews

Most happy clients of a lawyer will leave them a positive review online. If you already have the names of your preferred property lawyers, look them up on online review sites to see what their clients say. Choose the lawyer with the most positive reviews, and avoid any lawyers that have multiple bad reviews. However, keep in mind that both good and bad reviews can be faked.

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