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How Does Giulia Fantacci Help Human Trafficking Victims?

Giulia Fantacci is doing all she can to help the victims of human trafficking and raise more awareness about it.Giulia “Julia” Fantacci has grown from humble beginnings hoping to pursue a law degree to one of the most respected names helping out human trafficking victims in the United States. Headlining the law firm Abogada Julia – GF Immigration Law and working alongside some of the best minds in the industry, she believes this is just the beginning of the help they can provide.

In the future, Abogada Julia hopes that getting victims on the right path to a new and better life is even more seamless. What does she do differently from the rest in this niche within immigration law? With a few basic principles, Giulia Fantacci lets results speak for themselves.

Immigration Law Inspiration

To get an idea of why immigration law matters so much to abogada Julia in the first place, it all stems back to her experiences as an immigrant and navigating through different visas herself. Despite coming to the United States for an undergrad degree and carrying an advanced law degree, she found it challenging to navigate the application process.

For the average person with no law experience, the immigration process can feel like an entirely different language, with limited English, physical and emotional damage, and much more. Human trafficking victims looking to apply for a T-Visa alone can’t often complete it in the required time. It’s no fault of their own, but more about how challenging the process becomes while potentially facing deportation until approval.

Landing the Coveted T-Visa

A T-Visa is available for human trafficking victims as a way to stay in the United States without fearing deportation. Those who obtain a T-Visa have the right to work, housing, medical care, and much more while staying in the United States. It instantly removes a lot of stress that comes with getting life back in order after such a terrible experience.

Speed matters quite a bit during this process, as many victims are initially stuck with no proper identification and limited to no proof they were trafficked. GF Immigration Law works on the details for clients to get the process rolling as quickly as possible.

Obtaining a T-Visa also sets up the opportunity for the next steps many take. After having T-Visas for at least one year, people can start to look at the possibility of landing a Green Card.

Keep in mind that the T-Visas are non-immigrant visas, as they provide a sense of relief for survivors and their immediate families. It allows them to stay and work temporarily in the United States.

The Rise of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking remains in the news for the wrong reasons. Only about 20 years ago, the first laws were enacted to help protect and support human trafficking victims. Giulia Fantacci would love to see more focus on this growing problem, but for now, she works with what she can.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 was the first federal law to address this issue. It definitively defined human trafficking while also creating the T-Visa. Part of the stipulations with the T-Visa is to help law enforcement as they investigate and prosecute those responsible for human trafficking. It’s required for those applying for a T-Visa to cooperate with law enforcement.

Why Abogada Julia Keeps the Fight Going

Some of the worst feelings a person has come after being trafficked to a different country. Clients working with GF Immigration Law come from all over the world. Some never even considered moving to the United States. Upon arrival, it can turn into a new opportunity. Turning a negative into a positive can help these victims move in the right direction.

It’s a tricky balancing act for many people forced to work with law enforcement that could, in theory, take away their freedom in a short amount of time. Being at the mercy of law enforcement for too long can be a frustrating experience, which is why Abogada Julia and her team act as a liaison for so many needs.

Results show that the formula to success for GF Immigration Law exists. Founded in 2020, they’ve already found ways they have helped hundreds of clients secure their right to land T-Visas. Some clients have been fighting for years and years with no success, but Giulia Fantacci was able to step in and provide assistance to get things done promptly.

The Fight Outside the Courtroom

Focusing on human trafficking inside the courtroom is a small part of the bigger picture. Giulia is also at the forefront of helping raise awareness and informing people on warning signs for human trafficking issues. The more knowledgeable society can be about this problem, the more we can prevent it from happening.

The Miami-based practice serves much more than South Florida. Giulia Fantacci has directly worked with people from all 50 states going through human traffic issues. The power of the internet allows for communication to keep everything moving in the right direction, even if they are thousands of miles away.

Clients see the results and feel the motivation from the GF Immigration Law team to do their part in fighting against human trafficking. Survivors can tell a unique story that opens eyes and has people hoping to figure out ways to eliminate this from happening to their loved ones.

It’s a constant battle that still needs a lot of work, but strides are being made in the right direction.

Final Words

Giulia Fantacci quickly points out that her firm’s work is never about her. It is about her clients. Every case is different, but some human trafficking survivors are lucky to be alive. Getting a chance to have a second lease on life is what GF Immigration Law is all about.

Clients can start working directly with Fantacci to land a T-Visa for initial protection. Those who don’t have the financial resources can request pro bono or low bono representation from the firm, ensuring no person is left behind when they need help most.



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