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How a FINRA Expert Witness Impacts Your Securities Cases

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is the largest arbitrator for all securities claims in firms in the USA. It is a result of the merger of two major corporate (The Newyork Stock Exchange and National Associations of Securities Dealers) in July 2007.

It is an inexpensive way of settling security claims. It is a non-profit organization that aims to resolve security-related cases for firms. It uses an arbitration method in solving disputes. However, the arbitration reward cannot be appealed against. In rare cases, the parties can detest the arbitration award in a court of law.

FINRA arbitration bodies employ independent parties who oversee the claim allegations. The parties that have filed the petition need to hire a FINRA expert witness.

The role of a FINRA expert witness

An expert witness is a specialist in the area that the case is built against. The witness is expected to clarify and identify where there is wrongdoing.

Security claims are complicated, and a regular person may find it hard to understand. The expert witness is expected to expound the complicated issues clearly and make the parties understand them well. They are supposed to play the following roles:

  • Provide evidence of the extent of your loss
  • Clearly illustrate where your broker acted negligently
  • Report your financial status
  • Evaluate the risk your broker put you through

Your attorney should assist you in getting an expert witness 20 days before the trial. Most FINRA cases require expert witnesses to make the argument valid and provide substantial grounds on the matter.

Hiring a qualified expert witness

You want a competent person to represent you well. Incompetent representation means you will not get compensated for your loss. Kerry Campbell is a reputable expert witness.

He has been in practice for over 30 years. He is relevant to procedures and standards of the security market. His knowledge and expertise guarantees you of building a strong case before the arbitrators.

The FINRA arbitration verdict is final and not subject to appeal. The facts you lay down should be well expounded, and Kerry Campbell is the expert to represent you.

He is both an academic and a professional. His education background status guarantees you of valid representation. His education background gives him an advantage over another expert witness. He is also trained and conducts his business professionally.

An ideal expert witness should be qualified and well variant in the area of security. Additionally, the witness should be countable and reputable to give your case substantial grounds. The character of your witness should be unquestionable before the panel.

Bottom Line

Kerry Campbell has extensive experience in representing clients before FINRA arbitration panels. He knows how to prove liability in security claims and will help you get compensation.

His expertise in the security field of many firms makes him competitive. He will adequately establish grounds for your case based on standard facts.

Security claims are difficult to prove and getting an expert witness assures you stand a chance of winning. Always remember that the arbitration award in the FINRA panel is final.

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