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Factors to consider before choosing a lawsuit funding firm

As a plaintiff, you may be overwhelmed by the number of expenses that you incur before your matter is settled. A pre-settlement funding company advances a loan to you that can assist you in meeting some of your costs. There are many companies out there that help people with pre-settlement funding. However, not all of them can offer you the best service that you require. Therefore, before you choose a particular firm, it’s critical to consider specific factors as follows:

The interest rates of the pre-settlement loan firm

The best lawsuit funding firm offers personalized services to each of its clients. In this regard, the company must evaluate each client’s strengths and weaknesses before determining the suitable interest for the loan. The pre-settlement funding firm must have a conversation with you and your lawyer to get information about your matter. This information assists the company to evaluate your chances of having a positive verdict.

You need to avoid pre-settlement funding firms that have uniform interest rates for all the clients. The best company offers different interest rates to each of its customers in accordance with the evaluation data.

How fast will to access the advanced funds

The procedure of filing a matter in court is not only financially straining but protracted as well. A sensitive pre-settlement funding company must avail funds fast to assist the client meet some critical expenses. After the loan is approved, the best funding company must let you access your money within 24 hours. Therefore, before selecting a particular financial institution, ensure that you understand how fast it avails the funds after approval.

Transparent terms and conditions of the credit

A reputable pre-settlement funding company is aware of how filing a lawsuit is demanding. The best company ensures that its loan terms and conditions are succinct, and clients shouldn’t have difficulty in understanding them. The funding firm should also respond to any questions that clients may have regarding the loan terms and conditions. Clients should desist from lawsuit settlement funding firms that don’t answer the formers’ questions. At Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding, expect prompt answers for any questions and clear loan terms and conditions.


You need to choose a firm that has the knowledge and skills of offering pre-settlement funding services. You can understand the experience of a company by reading past client reviews. A reputable company has raving client reviews. You can also inquire from your attorney about the reputation of the firm.

The type of rate that the company offers

Pre-settlement funding companies have two kinds of rates: simple interest rates and compound interest rates. In case you choose the compound rate, you should be aware that the price will add up, and the charging will be based on the new amount. You need to choose a pre-settlement funding company that uses the method that you prefer.

How the lawsuit funding firm works with your attorney

The pre-settlement funding firm should work closely with your lawyer to get the details of your suit for evaluation. It’s critical to choose a lawsuit funding company that your lawyer is comfortable working with.

Choosing a pre-settlement funding company is not a walk in the park. There are various factors that you consider as highlighted and explained above.


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