6 Key Factors Determining Personal Injury Settlements

Personal injuries are unfortunate events that no one wishes for. But they happen anyway. The common form of personal injures results from automobile accidents, medical malpractice, and faulty products. These can cause severe injuries leading to loss of income and hefty hospital bills. But the question lingers, will I get compensated for the damages? This is determined by the extent of the injury and the type of attorney engaged.

Here are factors that determine your settlement amount in personal injury cases:

  1. Severity of injuries

Accidents lead to different types of injuries; some are minor while others are severe. More critical injuries involve a lot of pain and are expensive to treat. They are associated with larger settlements compared to minor injuries. Examples of such injuries are spinal cord damages and broken bones. You’ll also get a higher compensation in a personal injury case if you suffer disfigurement or paralysis.

  1. Disruption of regular activities

Injuries that interrupt your usual daily activities will likely result in higher settlement amounts. Such damages make it impossible to perform daily activities like walking or working. Other injuries may also lead to loss of body parts, hindering you from participating in sports, driving, or doing specific jobs. If this happens, your life will change significantly, and you’ll likely get a high settlement to cater to the damages.

  1. Cost of treatment& Recovery

Some injuries necessitate specialized treatment by renowned doctors and surgeons. These may include reconstructive surgeries with long recovery periods. Such injuries will fetch a higher value than soft injuries. Also, the recovery period is of the essence. Longer recovery periods involve multiple hospital appointments and procedures, thus attracting high settlements.

  1. Emotional trauma

Personal injuries involve both physical and mental trauma. The emotional pain is way beyond the physical suffering and may lead to stress and depression. It’s not easy to verify that the victim suffers debilitating pain dealing with the accident’s aftermath. If a psychologist or mental health professional confirms this, then you’ll get a higher settlement for your damages.

  1. Certainty of liability

There’s always someone to hold liable in case of an accident. If it’s cetin that the other party is liable for the injuries, it becomes easier to get compensation. In cases where the other party is clearly at fault and there’s no shared fault, you’ll likely get a higher settlement amount for the injuries. Nonetheless, determining liability depends on the expertise of your attorney. And this makes it critical to hire experienced attorneys who can table sufficient evidence in your favor.

  1. Litigation costs

Personal injury claims involve various costs. These include clerical work, hiring experts, and deposing witnesses. Such costs add up fast, particularly if the case involves many witnesses. In such a case, the defendant may decide to part with a high settlement amount to avoid accumulating the defense costs.

A quick wrap up

All personal injury claims are different with varying levels of liability. Various aspects affect the multiplier, but you still need an attorney to help out. With a skilled lawyer, you’ll likely get a high settlement amount, making it easy to clear your medical bills.

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