When to Hire a Legal Defense Representative

Hiring a defense attorney can be a crucial part of any judicial process in which one is being prosecuted for a particular crime.

The need for a good lawyer when facing hard jail time or other forms of punishment cannot be understated, but some individuals might not be sure about when the best time to hire such representation is. Lawyers can do more than take charge of a trial in court, and it is crucial for an individual to have a reliable attorney with them every step of the way when facing criminal charges. Some of the opportune moments when hiring such assistance can be deemed necessary include:

When You Are Being Investigated

Individuals who find out that they are a person of interest in a particular case that could potentially result in them facing criminal charges should seek the aid of a criminal defense attorney from a reputable law firm as soon as possible. Colorado Legal Defense Group is such a firm. In some cases, the investigators concerned might try to play down the severity of the situation in an attempt to convince an individual to answer their questions without a lawyer present, but this is never a good idea. Anything an individual says during such questioning could be used against them in court, and as such having a solicitor present can ensure they do not incriminate themselves in any way whatsoever during the process.

Should a person find themselves picked up by local law enforcement to answer a few questions, they can refuse to answer any of the queries posed to them until their lawyer arrives to guide them through the process. This refusal is a constitutional right enjoyed by every citizen, and as such it cannot be deemed against the law or identified as a sign of guilt. Even in cases where one is completely innocent of the charges being claimed, having an attorney present is still necessary to ensure that they are not wrongly convicted.

Upon Being Arrested

Sometimes situations such as getting arrested can occur suddenly, meaning a person does not have the time to prepare for the circumstances at hand adequately. The first thing an individual should do in such a scenario is to contact a criminal lawyer to aid them with the release process, as well as any future judicial requirements. Though it is illegal to resist arrest, one can place themselves in the custody of the police without doing anything more to appease them such as answering any questions they might have.

Individuals who have the name and contacts of a particular legal representative can pass on this information to the officers in charge, and they will be required by law to inform the attorney of the situation at hand, including the specific jail where one is currently being held in custody. The lawyer can then conduct a private conversation with their client before agreeing to an interrogation, during which they will also be present to guide the individual regarding when and when not to answer certain queries, as well as how to approach a particular question. Some police might try to discourage the presence of a lawyer as it makes things harder for them, but such advice should always be ignored.



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