Wednesday, October 4

Danger All Around

While you are driving down the street or highway, take a look around you. The potential for experiencing a hit and run is everywhere. There are several reasons why a person would leave the scene of an accident after hitting your vehicle. Understanding the different causes of hit and run accidents and knowing how to protect yourself before and after are helpful pieces of information to have as you drive down that uncertain road.

Drunk or Under the Influence

Although the laws are clear about driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, statistics show that over 1 million drivers are arrested each year for doing just that. Because of this, the possibility of you being in an accident involving one of these offenders is high. People who aren’t able to handle their vehicle while impaired often seem to understand the danger of going to jail if they remain at the scene of the crime following an accident they were involved in.

This is often the main reason for hit and runs. They hit your car due to impairment and they run from the accident to avoid an arrest for driving under the influence.

Warrants, Uninsured, or Without a License

Just like with DUIs, drivers who are worried about additional offenses often leave the scene of the accident. People who have an expired license or who aren’t themselves insured to drive many times choose to make that quick decision to drive away after they have damaged your vehicle. Additionally, anyone with an outstanding warrant will not want to stay around and wait for the police to arrive to take the report and discover their warrant.

Because you never know who you may be in an accident with, it’s wise to not try to confront or pursue them if you think they are going to flee. Whether they are under the influence or a criminal evading the law, they could be a danger to you personally if you try to detain them.

Protective and Aware

In order to protect yourself before or after something like a hit and run happens, there are certain steps you can take:

  • Obtain additionally coverage for uninsured motorists, this will also cover hit and run incidents
  • Be vigilant and aware of everything around you while you drive, yield to drivers that seem unstable
  • If someone hits you, pay attention to the make and model of the vehicle and get the license plate number if possible
  • Pull over and call the police from the scene so they know where it happened and give them all the details you can
  • Obtain a good attorney to help you with your claim

Whether it’s a hit and run Las Vegas where the downtown partying goes all night, or a hit and run on a rural back road in Wisconsin, you never know who you are going to encounter. Always know who’s around you and be a defensive driver.

Understanding the reasons for hit and run accidents gives you some knowledge about why people behave the way they do following an accident. The important thing is to protect yourself beforehand and be able to describe the car that hit you afterward while keeping yourself safe.

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