3 Required Documents When Filing for a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

If you’re ever caught in a vehicular accident, you’ll want to hire an injury lawyer to help you recover from the damages you sustained from the event. After all, working with an attorney will give your case a better chance at winning in the courtroom and ensures that you’ll receive full compensation when filing a vehicle accident claim. However, before your attorney can assist you, you’ll need to present three types of documents first. This way, your lawyer will get a better understanding of your situation and give you the best possible outcome.

The three types of documents you need to show your attorney after a vehicular accident are as follows:

  1. Insurance Policies

Presenting a copy of your insurance policies will give your lawyer an idea of what type of coverage you’re entitled to. You’ll also need to have proof that your insurance premiums payments are up to date, so your attorney will know that your insurance is in force. If you don’t have a readily available copy, your lawyer can obtain one from your insurance provider. Of course, your lawyer will need to ask for your approval first.

  1. Information Regarding the Accident

To help strengthen your case against the at-fault party, you’ll need to provide proper documentation of the accident. There are several ways you can do this, but the most common methods include the following:

  • It’s important to take images of the damage your car has sustained—no matter how minute the detail.
  • Taking Note of the Information Exchanged at the Accident Scene. These include the names, contact numbers, and addresses that were exchanged between the affected parties.
  • Getting the Information Provided by the Police Present at the Accident Scene. Officers who are called to handle a vehicular accident are required to draft an accident report. This report will contain a diagram of the incident, as well as the police’s on-scene initial impressions. If the authorities give you a ticket related to the accident, keep it and let your lawyer know.
  • Getting a Copy of Statements. A representative from your auto insurance company may contact you after the accident and will want to get a statement from you regarding the event. Should this happen to you, you have the right to get a copy of any statement you gave.
  1. Medical and Psychological Records

If you’ve sustained physical injuries and sought after medical attention to get them treated, your lawyer will need copies of your medical records. Having both the physical and digital copies will help your attorney make sure that your medical expenses are covered by your insurance or the at-fault party. This also applies if you seek psychological or psychiatric care, especially if the accident has left an emotional or mental impact on you.

You’ll have an easier time filing a motor vehicle accident claim if a competent lawyer is representing your case. However, you’ll first need to provide the required documents mentioned above to ensure that you’ll receive the best coverage from your insurance provider.

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