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Orlando Private InvestigatorIn case of need, it is possible to benefit from free legal advice. They are dispensed by the agencies, the courts but also through your insurance contract.They offer the possibility to consult a lawyer free of charge during permanence. Each department has a free public law access service.

This allows everyone, especially those with limited resources, to obtain general information about their rights and obligations, free legal assistance and / or free consultation with a lawyer.We detail in this article organizations that allow obtaining free legal advice (house of justice and law, the courts) but also through your insurance contracts (housing). See also the article on how to contact a lawyer online or by phone. You can find the Dallas Horton Attorney at Law perfectly in support for this.

Where to get free legal advice? Legal aid agencies

Each department offers solutions for free legal advice and legal advice. They are organized to allow everyone access to rights. For this purpose, 3 public institutions propose permanence.

Apart from the 3 institutions for justice set up for access to the right for all, it is possible to consult a lawyer for free:

With the help of certain insurance contracts:

The courts have been engorged for many years. This is why listening relay points, proximity counseling, legal assistance and victim assistance have been set up in the departments. They guide people who face legal and administrative difficulties in order to facilitate amicable conciliations. Finding a free lawyer is possible.

But be careful, in any case, it is advice and this does not replace the follow-up of a case by a lawyer. If you are having financial difficulties but need a lawyer, you will need to turn to legal aid.

You can also consult a lawyer by phone. Read the article on how to contact a lawyer by email or phone to find out more. In addition, depending on the nature of your problem, feel free to use our forum where a member of the community will try to help you for free.

Houses of Justice and Law: Free Counsel

They are under the authority of the public prosecutor and the president of the High Court where they are located. More than 130 houses of justice and law are present throughout the French territory.

It coordinates the various partners to take part in the prevention of delinquency and provides assistance to victims if necessary.

It connects several partners:

  • The magistrates
  • Local elected officials
  • The police men
  • Local associations
  • Social workers

It proposes modes of settlement “alternative” to the conflicts, that is to say by favoring friendly settlements without systematically going through the judicial system.

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